Emergency Services Available


By providing 24 hour emergency service, 365 days a year, Globe ensures that your real estate is in the best possible condition to serve you, our client, and your building tenants.





Geoff van Hattem

General Manager

Office: 604-251-3764
Mobile: 604-787-7469
Email: geoff@globefacilities.ca

Marcel van Hattem

Director of Operations

Office: 604-251-3764
Mobile: 604-999-1729
Email: marcel@globefacilities.ca

Tyler Arnold

Operations Manager

Office: 604-251-3764
Mobile: 778-908-6994
Email: tyler@globefacilities.ca


Kirsten van Hattem

Office Manager / Accounting

Office: 604-251-3764
Email: info@globefacilities.ca